My visit to Naran Kaghan was About to Become the Biggest Nightmare of my life

Naran Kaghan Nightmare

Quite so often it happens on a journey that we come across a big hurdle that might become a nightmare of your life, especially when you are traveling alone. Being a travel enthusiast and living in a country Pakistan with heavenly places to visit, this year I planned to visit Naran Kaghan. Though I’ve visited this place a couple of time before. But, its mesmerizing beauty and attractive colors just keep on attracting me towards it. Last month, I was confused which place to visit. With things roaming inside my head, I made my mind visit Kaghan Naran.

I left off on Friday noon at 12:00 PM sharp on a coach. Because I love hiking and camping, not the hotels I had my camping bag, sleeping bag, my Payoneer MasterCard, some extra cash and junk food to enjoy on the way. It took us straight 9 hours to reach because the coach’s engine crashed on the way, and we had to wait for over 45 minutes to get it fixed. Anyhow, I was sheltered less, and it was pitch black darkness. So, forcefully I had to stay the first night in a hotel. The next morning sky was clear, the sun was shining, and it was a pleasant day.

I took my camping bag, reached near a river and set up the camp. After 1 hour all things were done, I laid down in my sleeping bag and rested for a while. Near about 1 PM in the noon, I hired a jeep to have a glance of the Saif-ul-Malook River. I came back in the evening down the mountains. All the cash that I had in my pocket was spent on the hotel services. I relied more on my MasterCard then on hard cash. A resident told me that there was a Bank approximately 3 KM away. I covered the distance on foot and reached the bank.

My bad that the card was empty. It was a huge nightmare for me. I was totally blank what to do now. In all the worries, I came back to my camp and sat down for a while to think what to do now. Much worse was that my parents were on a three months tour to the UK to visit my elder brother there. So, I was home alone. Anyhow, I called my elder brother and told him all the situation.

He sent me $1000 in my PayPal. I was lucky enough have a verified PayPal account in Pakistan as PayPal isn’t offering its services in Pakistan. From my PayPal, I transferred money to Payoneer MasterCard and finally cashed it out from the ATM. It hardly took 3 hours to do all the stuff, but I must say it was one of the biggest nightmares of my life. I am thankful to my elder brother who helped me in such a catastrophe.

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