UAE Allegedly Halts Unskilled Pakistani Labor Visas

The Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA) has expressed dismay over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reportedly ceasing the issuance of labor visas for unskilled Pakistani workers. According to local media reports, the UAE Immigration Department imposed the ban without prior notification, leading to the rejection of numerous job applications.

The sudden policy change has raised concerns among the Pakistani community. Despite earlier official denials of a visa ban, the recent development has heightened apprehensions among the Pakistani populace. The move, made without providing reasons, has left many in disarray, particularly those seeking employment opportunities in the Gulf nation.

POEPA officials highlighted the adverse impact of the ban on job seekers, emphasizing the potential consequences for remittances. Annually, over $450 million in remittances flow from the Gulf nation, and the unexpected visa restriction is expected to affect the livelihoods of individuals from the crisis-hit nation.

The concerns within the Pakistani community are palpable, especially considering their long history of migration to the UAE. The abrupt halt in labor visas for unskilled workers has created uncertainty among those aspiring to find jobs in the Gulf nation. Despite previous dismissals of such reports, the recent developments indicate a shift in the visa policy that is causing distress among the affected individuals.

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