Streamlining Marriage Certificates in Pakistan: Nadra’s Digital Initiative

In Pakistan, any married individual can apply for a Marriage Certificate from Nadra, which has recently introduced a Civil Registration System. This system is part of an e-Governance service delivery platform, addressing vital events such as Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce. The Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) in Pakistan serves as crucial legal proof of marriage.

During the Nikkah ceremony, a manual form is completed with details of the groom, bride, and witnesses. However, the use of Urdu language in this form poses a challenge for recognition in foreign countries. In response to this challenge, Nadra has centralized the registration and certificate issuance process, operating at union councils, TMA offices, and Cantonment Board Offices.

To check marital status, individuals can visit Nadra Registration centers or Union Council offices. Unfortunately, there is no online facility available for verifying marriage certificates in Pakistan. For those seeking a Nadra marriage certificate, the required documents include the Urdu Nikah Nama, CNICs of the bride and groom, CNIC of the father, CNIC of Nikah Khawan, and copies of passports for foreigners.

Concerning divorce status, there is no online facility available. Interested individuals must visit Nadra offices or union councils to access the relevant records. Nadra’s initiative aims to provide a more efficient and centralized system for managing vital events at the grassroots level.

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