My Journey to Murree and How Internet Saved Me from Disaster?

Murree Disaster Image

It was the hottest summer in 2014; I and a few of my office colleagues were sitting and having a candid chit-chat with each other during the lunch hour. Then suddenly I suggested that we should plan a short two day trip to Pakistan’s most visited hill station known as Murree – to get rid of this heat of June for at least some time. Instantly the plan got finalized as me, and three other colleagues were up for it, and we decided to start our journey to Murree from Lahore on Friday night and will come back till Sunday evening.

We decided to travel straight from the office on Friday night to save as much time we could. Therefore, all of us took their bag packs with them from homes on that day. So, as per our plan, we finished our work on time and loaded our luggage’s in one of the friend’s car and started our journey to Murree. We already made an online booking in one of the hotels near the famous Mall Road of Murree, where all the visitors’ loves to stay and witness most of the excitement on thousands of visitor’s faces. Later, we reached Murree near 11 o’clock and dropped our bags in our booked rooms, all of us were so excited, and the weather was also a just certain bit cozy – temperature was close to 25°C.

All of us were feeling hungry, so we straight away went to a nearby hotel for dinner. We had our dinner in a hurry because due to long traveling straight from Lahore to Murree all of us were feeling tired and sleepy too. Therefore, we finished our meal rapidly to go to sleep, so that we could have an adequate sleep to be able to wake up fresh in the morning – to explore the whole of the Murree and have fun. But as soon as we came back and I wanted to inform my family about our safe arrival in Murree, I could not find my phone in my jeans pocket. I instantly looked here and there in the hotel room, but later realized that I forgot my phone on the table of that hotel where we had our dinner. I and one of my friends rushed to that hotel and told the manager of the hotel regarding this incident the manager inquired from waiters and supervisors about the phone I forgot on the table just an hour ago. But, all the staff refused and said they haven’t come across any phone from that table, where we had dinner and started saying to me – sir you might lose it somewhere else not in our hotel.

So, I and my friend came back and told other colleagues about what happened and how my phone was getting stolen from that hotel. I was annoyed with myself and wanted to contact my family desperately; my colleagues asked me to use their phones and talk to my family. I took one of the friend’s phone, but another problem arises when I tried to make a call there was no network – due to some technical issue. I again got more upset; that’s when one of the friends suggested me a free SMS sending the website to any mobile number in Pakistan. I instantly turned on my laptop and inserted my wireless internet dongle and open that site and within no time I was able to send free of charge SMS to my brother’s mobile number and told him that I reached Murree and the incident of how my mobile phone got stolen. I was amazed at this service and thanked my friend for suggesting and saving me from more hassle of not being able to contact my family.

This is how the internet and that SMS sending website saved me from a disaster; this is why we can easily say that the internet is the most amazing interconnected utility we have – in this day and age.

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