How to Prepare for Umrah if You are in Lahore?

Umrah Preperation from Lahore
During the traveling for a Hajj or Umrah, Muslims are possible to be bothered of Visa Documentations, travel preparation and other assistance requires for it. As we all understand that Umrah is one of the greatest worship of Almighty Allah and is offered in the holy city of Makkah only. But to Express their attachment and loyalty with the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), worshiper also desires to visit Masjid Nabawi in the city of Madina. The dome of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is positioned in the south-east part of Al Masjid Al Nabawi in Medina City. A moving toward the holy land of Mecca and Madina is exceptional that recalls us of next life. According to Islam believer should clear all his important responsibilities and pay off all the dues before the religious mission. The four pillars are described by Islam that every Muslim should know before leaving for this spiritual journey.

1. Ihram: it is to wear at the Meeqaat.
2. Tawaaf: It is a process to move around Holy Kaba.
3. Sa’y: It consists of walking between As Safaa to Al Marwah and then From Al Marwah to As Safaa to complete seven laps.
4. Tahal-lul: It means to replace the Ihraam with casual cloth and this process also uplift the prohibition of Ihram.

We recommend you to must attend the proper umrah training course couple of days before you leave. In Lahore City, There are many religious institutes or Madrasas are training the Muslim for this noble purpose.

Umrah packages Lahore

Umrah packages Lahore are described as the measure and customized combinations of facilities. These packages provide you all the required conveniences for spiritual journey including, Transportation, Accommodation near to the holy places and food disposals. These umrah packages are prepared with the diversity of choices for the community of Lahore. These options include 5 stars, 4 stars, Economy plus and cheap packages. The price is surely different for the each category and also depends on the duration of your stay in Saudi Arabia. Usually, the 15 days to 25 days of the time period is arranged to stay in both religious Cities.The living arrangement in this noble trip mostly consists of a single sharing bed, Double Bed, Triple, Four/ five Bed etc.

As far as the Airline ticket is considered, The return ticket of the concerned airline will be purchased along with the package.Air ticket price limits start from PKR 42,000 to PKR 75,000 in Lahore. There are many Foreign and National airline flights are providing round trip from Lahore to Saudi Arabia on daily basis.Mostly flights are land in Jeddah Airport from where the travelers get shuttle service toward their holy destination.

Procedure and Documentation

In Saudi Arabia, several agencies are established which are managing the umrah. In Pakistan, there are also subagents working for these agencies. These subagents are operating for the administration of umrah arrangements. These legal authorities are allowed by the government of Saudi Arabia and Government of Pakistan.For this noble purpose, we have improved the largest and secure network with many travel agencies and Saudi Arabia associates.Thus, We are trying to offer the soundest and inclusive service to the worshipers.
The Document is required along with umrah visa application form are:

 Original machine readable Passport at least eight months Valid.
 Original CNIC.
 4 photograph with the blue background.
 Any other important document needed by Saudi Embassy essential to give.
 Vaccination card for adult & polio card child under 15 years.

In the next step the application Form which one needs to get from the agency are submitted to perceived offices in Saudi Arabia for an endorsement from the Ministry of Hajj and after that, it submitted back to that individual agency of Pakistan. With the traveling date, the disposals of tickets, inns, transportation from air terminal MAKKAH to MADINA are the duty of that agency. Must take Hotel Vouchers, airline tickets with above-described documents before you start the journey.

Important Rules and Regulation:
 Documents ought to be deposited one month before the flight.
 Any unused part of Package administration won’t be refundable
 In the case of any deferral on booked dates of the journey, the hotel charges applied by the seller will be payable by the client.
 Just those women Passport will be acknowledged the whose connection with Mahram is sure according to the Passport.
 If you are taking medicine don’t forget to take doctor prescription with you. Review – Should we shop from them?

Shopo pk image

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Payment Modes

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Return & Exchange Policy

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Gifts and discount Coupons

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Best online Electronic Store

In above article, we have just mentioned few reasons in an answer to the question that why you should buy from List of features goes long and the users who are already using the product of this online store really appreciate the services and quality of this store. There are many positive user testimonials and online reviews available for this online electronic store on the internet.

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Weekend Ideas to Enjoy Life

Weekend Ideas

What you have done during your last weekend to get rid of the tension and to enjoy your life. If you have just spoiled your last weekend, and living a frustrating life, you need to plan your weekends. Forget about the end of the previous creepy weekend at the end of the past week is just a beginning of a new adventure. You can plan your weeks to enjoy the luxury of nature, exploring the sites and experiencing and seeking the finest luxury of hospitality servers. You must plan your weekends to explore the unexpected places to shutter your mind from busy life and to calm down your nerve to make your life easy and happy.

The weekend is the opportunity to give time to yourself. Keep in mind that weekend is yours. So plan your weekends to enjoy the adventures of life. Pakistani working class is lacking the proper enjoyment opportunities. What they need is to focus really their vacations, make their budget enjoy the time with family and friends. Here are Top Weekend Ideas to enjoy your life.


Resorts are making their room in Pakistani culture. For most Pakistani people, resorts have emerged as alternate northern areas for recreational and leisure activities. Resorts are playing the vital role to boost the Pakistani Tourism Industry by providing enjoyment opportunities t public. Typically, resort may combine with a hotel and a variety of other recreational services including swimming pools, boating, swings, live cooking, bone fire and various others. Resorts may offer different services depending upon the needs of visitors and location of the resort. Resort on a hill station is likely to welcome Skiing Lovers and mountaineers. Resorts are ideal for family trips, friends groups, business trips, for couples and individuals as well. Resorts may require an advance booking to ensure the availability of your seat.

Historical Places

Sightseeing of historical places is very common for working class as they are likely to approach the famous historical places with their colleagues, family members, and friends. You must plan, before paying a visit to historical sites. You can find dozens of attractive ancient sites that are not familiar in public, but still, you will love their charm and beauty. Further, some historical sites attract specific people for their unique ambiance and resemblance, like an ancient place that is associated Heer and Ranch may attract youngsters and newlyweds to rush the site.

Hill Station

Hill Stations are one of the common places for people to enjoy their weekends. You must plan before visiting any Hill Station, like if you are observing a snow fall, what sort of clothes you will require, how can you enjoy the snow fall with your family or friends? Looking for a natural waterfall could add taste to your trip to Hill Station. Such things are though small, but planning before starting your trip will feel you easy as you know what to do and where to go. If you just approach any of the Hill Station and now planning for your movements, then you are wasting your trip, time and money.

Beach Surfing

Those who are living close to sea can enjoy water surfing on any of the beaches. Karachi attracts beach surfers, scuba divers and those who love the sea species. Beach surfing requires proper planning as you must know the weather condition before visiting the beach. Monsoon is a big threat to beach surfers, so keep in mind the weather conditions, dress code requirement, stuff you will require like you may want to shot the underwater world.

Outing in Public Parks

Public parks are the most common and cheap source of enjoyment source for common public, but it also involves the planning. Planning for public parks ensures that you are enjoying your weekends with your family. If you avoid the heavy rush in parks, you can look for alternative sites to benefit from the silence of nature, but consider that the park must have proper recreational facilities like a food court, parking area, and others.


Planning is the core value that helps to do any hard thing quite easily. Planned Weekends also play a physiological role in your life, as you have decided that you will do the certain thing during your weekends and this approach will bring calmness in your family relationship. Planned weeks also shows that how time and importance you are giving to your family. So what are you doing this weekend?

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Top Pakistani Hotels for Local and Foreigners

Top Pakistani Hotels

Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Pakistan is under development phase. The diversify Pakistani Culture and beautiful natural landscapes attract local and foreigners to visit Pakistan and enjoy the romantic calmness of Pakistani natural sites of Pakistan. Nature has gifted Pakistan all essentials and must have to bring tourists to Pakistan, what the Tourism Industry needs is to implement things properly with real spirit. Pakistani Hospitality and Tourism Industry need to educate Operational Managers, who are willingly ready to serve the industry by showing their passion and class in the field.

Hotels, motels or any other living site for tourists play a vital role in convincing the attention of visitors to bring them back again towards the sites. In this post, we will discuss the Top Pakistani Hotels for Local and Foreigners by Services, Ambience, Menu Identity.

Pearl Continental Hotels:

Pearl Continental or PC is a chain of 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan own, run and manage by Hashoo group Foundation. PC Chains are serving local and foreign guests in 7 cities across Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Gawadar, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Bhurban. PC offers a variety of Rooms ranging from Business Standard Rooms to Presidential Suites from which you can choose as per your requirements.

PC accepts all sorts of Master Cards and Visa Cards along with Cash. PC Hotels & Resorts are known for their lavish ambiance, a wide variety of food items and for serving Guests with passion. Proper security measurements and arrangements by PC Hotels make sure the secure accommodation for its guests. Recently, Zimbabwe Cricket Team stayed at PC Lahore during their visit to Pakistan.

Some of the special privileges on Business Standard, Pearl & Deluxe Floor that are available to guests include:

  • Welcome Drink
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Fruit Bucket for Guests upon arrival
  • The Internet and Wi-Fi Service
  • Daily Local Newspaper
  • Pick & Drop from Airport on early intimation

Marriott Hotel:

Marriott Hotels in Pakistan serves in Islamabad and Karachi. The American based Hotel Chain is well known for guest satisfaction. Marriott Pakistan Chains are under the control of Hashoo Foundation Group.

Islamabad Marriott is located near Margalla Hills, President House, Prime Minister House, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Parliament House and Rawal Lake. Key highlights include Airport Shuttle Service, Full Service Spa, Pool, Spa & Fitness Center, Bomb and Shock Proof wall, and other security measurements to keep ensures the safety of guests. The eight restaurants and 16 event rooms will provide you best Hospitality Service in City.

Karachi Marriott is accessible from Frere Hall and Park. Visitors to Karachi Marriott can easily make it on either side of a city. Services include executive level stay area along with private lounge for executive guests, 24 hours a day room service, 24 hours business center, health club, swimming pool, and spa center.

Sheraton Hotel:

Sheraton Hotel is owned by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. The luxurious style and welcoming approach will make you feel like at home enjoying the best Hospitality services. Sheraton Hotel in Pakistan is serving in Karachi while Sheraton Islamabad is in the construction phase and is likely to start its operations from June 2017. Sheraton Hotel gives you quality accommodation, food, leisure and festivity in Karachi City that attracts you back again to visit it. Sheraton Karachi welcome guests with five restaurants and 407 luxury rooms

Avari Hotel:

Avari Hotel Lahore is one of the most luxurious hotels known for its high-class services for its guests. Avari Hotel Lahore is ideally located in the center of Lahore and is accessible easily from Airport and Railway Station. Avari Hotel Lahore is known for its Restaurants and 5 Star facilities. Customer satisfaction has increased the ranking of Avari Lahore.

Avari Tower Karachi is also one most prominent Guest Staying Spot in Pakistan which welcomes the national and international visitors. The attractive and eye catching decoration of luxury rooms, best housekeeping service, fine dining options and various leisure options make Avari Hotel.

Benefits for guest include:

  • 20% discount on Food & Beverages, Laundry, and motor-car
  • Buffet breakfast or Sehr option
  • Fruit baskets

Apart from above-mentioned hotels and properties, Crown Plaza Islamabad, Holiday Inn Islamabad, Ambassador Lahore, Ramada Hotel Karachi and Regent Plaza Karachi are known for their quality services and operations in Pakistan.

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My Journey to Murree and How Internet Saved Me from Disaster?

Murree Disaster Image

It was the hottest summer in 2014; I and a few of my office colleagues were sitting and having a candid chit-chat with each other during the lunch hour. Then suddenly I suggested that we should plan a short two day trip to Pakistan’s most visited hill station known as Murree – to get rid of this heat of June for at least some time. Instantly the plan got finalized as me, and three other colleagues were up for it, and we decided to start our journey to Murree from Lahore on Friday night and will come back till Sunday evening.

We decided to travel straight from the office on Friday night to save as much time we could. Therefore, all of us took their bag packs with them from homes on that day. So, as per our plan, we finished our work on time and loaded our luggage’s in one of the friend’s car and started our journey to Murree. We already made an online booking in one of the hotels near the famous Mall Road of Murree, where all the visitors’ loves to stay and witness most of the excitement on thousands of visitor’s faces. Later, we reached Murree near 11 o’clock and dropped our bags in our booked rooms, all of us were so excited, and the weather was also a just certain bit cozy – temperature was close to 25°C.

All of us were feeling hungry, so we straight away went to a nearby hotel for dinner. We had our dinner in a hurry because due to long traveling straight from Lahore to Murree all of us were feeling tired and sleepy too. Therefore, we finished our meal rapidly to go to sleep, so that we could have an adequate sleep to be able to wake up fresh in the morning – to explore the whole of the Murree and have fun. But as soon as we came back and I wanted to inform my family about our safe arrival in Murree, I could not find my phone in my jeans pocket. I instantly looked here and there in the hotel room, but later realized that I forgot my phone on the table of that hotel where we had our dinner. I and one of my friends rushed to that hotel and told the manager of the hotel regarding this incident the manager inquired from waiters and supervisors about the phone I forgot on the table just an hour ago. But, all the staff refused and said they haven’t come across any phone from that table, where we had dinner and started saying to me – sir you might lose it somewhere else not in our hotel.

So, I and my friend came back and told other colleagues about what happened and how my phone was getting stolen from that hotel. I was annoyed with myself and wanted to contact my family desperately; my colleagues asked me to use their phones and talk to my family. I took one of the friend’s phone, but another problem arises when I tried to make a call there was no network – due to some technical issue. I again got more upset; that’s when one of the friends suggested me a free SMS sending the website to any mobile number in Pakistan. I instantly turned on my laptop and inserted my wireless internet dongle and open that site and within no time I was able to send free of charge SMS to my brother’s mobile number and told him that I reached Murree and the incident of how my mobile phone got stolen. I was amazed at this service and thanked my friend for suggesting and saving me from more hassle of not being able to contact my family.

This is how the internet and that SMS sending website saved me from a disaster; this is why we can easily say that the internet is the most amazing interconnected utility we have – in this day and age.

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Benefits of SMS Marketing in Pakistan

Mobile Sms Marketing Campaigns

As millions of companies and sole business owners across the globe are extracting the benefits of SMS marketing – if you are still not. Then, this piece of writing is apt for you to consider upon adopting SMS marketing in Pakistan – knowing the kind of positives it encompasses. There are quite a few benefits of SMS marketing for Pakistani companies and businesses to boost their sales by spreading their products and services details with potential customers.


Here we are throwing limelight on the few imperative pros of SMS marketing for Pakistani marketers.

Cost Effective:

In a country like Pakistan, the first thing a brand or company will look upon is what will be the SMS marketing cost. For people who think that SMS marketing is expensive, it’s actually not, people who say this they are not aware of actual SMS marketing plans tariffs. Actually, the price of SMS marketing depends on its volume the many SMS volumes a plan comprised of the low its single SMS tariffs would be. And if we talk about the average single marketing SMS rate it differs from SMS marketing service provider companies. But actually, this difference comes out in paisa’s, for example, if one company is offering a 25 paisa rate other might offer same marketing SMS volume plan in 23 paisa per SMS. So, it’s totally up to the brand or company of which SMS marketing service provider’s plan they want to avail.

Conclusively, it’s one of the cheapest forms of marketing that is effective too – with instant response ability.

Instant Message Delivery:

Also, SMS marketing is the most instant form of direct marketing that if a campaign is launched now within minutes – thousands of SMS will be sent to given mobile numbers. Isn’t it an amazing marketing type that has the knack to reach out the millions of potential customers, almost instantly after doing it.

Higher Open and Response Rate:

The statistics show’s that almost every sent SMS to other mobile numbers is open and read by the recipients.  This fact makes SMS marketing the most effective digital marketing technique around the world including Pakistan. Therefore, if a marketing SM is open and read by the receiver that is also a potential customer them, it’s highly expected that he/she might well opt to invest in marketing message offered products or services.

So, this means that the brand or the company will definitely have a boost in sales because of made SMS marketing. Therefore, like all around the world companies and brand who wants to boost their revenues and eventually profits should utilize SMS marketing aggressively. These are just a few of the benefits, as there are lots of others making SMS marketing technique more influential.

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My visit to Naran Kaghan was About to Become the Biggest Nightmare of my life

Naran Kaghan Nightmare

Quite so often it happens on a journey that we come across a big hurdle that might become a nightmare of your life, especially when you are traveling alone. Being a travel enthusiast and living in a country Pakistan with heavenly places to visit, this year I planned to visit Naran Kaghan. Though I’ve visited this place a couple of time before. But, its mesmerizing beauty and attractive colors just keep on attracting me towards it. Last month, I was confused which place to visit. With things roaming inside my head, I made my mind visit Kaghan Naran.

I left off on Friday noon at 12:00 PM sharp on a coach. Because I love hiking and camping, not the hotels I had my camping bag, sleeping bag, my Payoneer MasterCard, some extra cash and junk food to enjoy on the way. It took us straight 9 hours to reach because the coach’s engine crashed on the way, and we had to wait for over 45 minutes to get it fixed. Anyhow, I was sheltered less, and it was pitch black darkness. So, forcefully I had to stay the first night in a hotel. The next morning sky was clear, the sun was shining, and it was a pleasant day.

I took my camping bag, reached near a river and set up the camp. After 1 hour all things were done, I laid down in my sleeping bag and rested for a while. Near about 1 PM in the noon, I hired a jeep to have a glance of the Saif-ul-Malook River. I came back in the evening down the mountains. All the cash that I had in my pocket was spent on the hotel services. I relied more on my MasterCard then on hard cash. A resident told me that there was a Bank approximately 3 KM away. I covered the distance on foot and reached the bank.

My bad that the card was empty. It was a huge nightmare for me. I was totally blank what to do now. In all the worries, I came back to my camp and sat down for a while to think what to do now. Much worse was that my parents were on a three months tour to the UK to visit my elder brother there. So, I was home alone. Anyhow, I called my elder brother and told him all the situation.

He sent me $1000 in my PayPal. I was lucky enough have a verified PayPal account in Pakistan as PayPal isn’t offering its services in Pakistan. From my PayPal, I transferred money to Payoneer MasterCard and finally cashed it out from the ATM. It hardly took 3 hours to do all the stuff, but I must say it was one of the biggest nightmares of my life. I am thankful to my elder brother who helped me in such a catastrophe.

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