Review – Should we shop from them?

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Whenever we need to buy some electronic items the first thing which comes to our mind is to check the detail and prices of the internet. This practice has induced us towards online shopping and now we prefer to buy electronics from an online store rather than any local store because online shopping in the finest source to buy genuine items with good deals. Those days have gone when we were used to spending hours in search of just one electronic product and even sometimes we failed to find it. has provided us best solution in the form on Pakistan first largest electronic store where we can find all kinds of electronics on very affordable rates and find good deals too. Now buying a laptop, smartphone or Smart TV is not any issue, you just need to visit the, read the specifications and order it. Users can find many brands and their products available at this online store with a guarantee of quality. Now you must be thinking that there are many online electronic stores then why we should buy from To know the answer to this question please follow us in this article where we are going to explain some exceptional services as well as features of this online store.

Brands & Variety

People always try to find their favorite brand and variety in that which online store can offer them. has a huge collections of all kinds of a brand with different varieties so that users may not need to go anywhere else. Users just need to visit their favorite brand and all the varieties, as well as products, will be displayed under that brand. Now just select the product and order it for home delivery whether pay via credit card or home delivery.

Payment Modes

Payment mode is a very crucial point for any user because sometimes he may not have that mode and could not buy that product but has solved this issue by launching the multiple payment modes for the ease of users. Users can pay by using Debit card, Credit card, PayPal or just order the product and pay at the time of delivery.

Return & Exchange Policy

This is most attractive features and facility for the user of that if they got the product and not satisfied with it, there is an option to exchange or return that product due to Exchange and Return policy. Just users need to be careful of return and exchange some time limit has been set and need to be followed.

Gifts and discount Coupons

Just like many other electronic stores also announces some discount coupons and special gifts for its users at the time of promotion. Not only this, but their special deals are always on some products and users can enjoy it without any coupon.

Best online Electronic Store

In above article, we have just mentioned few reasons in an answer to the question that why you should buy from List of features goes long and the users who are already using the product of this online store really appreciate the services and quality of this store. There are many positive user testimonials and online reviews available for this online electronic store on the internet.

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Benefits of SMS Marketing in Pakistan

Mobile Sms Marketing Campaigns

As millions of companies and sole business owners across the globe are extracting the benefits of SMS marketing – if you are still not. Then, this piece of writing is apt for you to consider upon adopting SMS marketing in Pakistan – knowing the kind of positives it encompasses. There are quite a few benefits of SMS marketing for Pakistani companies and businesses to boost their sales by spreading their products and services details with potential customers.


Here we are throwing limelight on the few imperative pros of SMS marketing for Pakistani marketers.

Cost Effective:

In a country like Pakistan, the first thing a brand or company will look upon is what will be the SMS marketing cost. For people who think that SMS marketing is expensive, it’s actually not, people who say this they are not aware of actual SMS marketing plans tariffs. Actually, the price of SMS marketing depends on its volume the many SMS volumes a plan comprised of the low its single SMS tariffs would be. And if we talk about the average single marketing SMS rate it differs from SMS marketing service provider companies. But actually, this difference comes out in paisa’s, for example, if one company is offering a 25 paisa rate other might offer same marketing SMS volume plan in 23 paisa per SMS. So, it’s totally up to the brand or company of which SMS marketing service provider’s plan they want to avail.

Conclusively, it’s one of the cheapest forms of marketing that is effective too – with instant response ability.

Instant Message Delivery:

Also, SMS marketing is the most instant form of direct marketing that if a campaign is launched now within minutes – thousands of SMS will be sent to given mobile numbers. Isn’t it an amazing marketing type that has the knack to reach out the millions of potential customers, almost instantly after doing it.

Higher Open and Response Rate:

The statistics show’s that almost every sent SMS to other mobile numbers is open and read by the recipients.  This fact makes SMS marketing the most effective digital marketing technique around the world including Pakistan. Therefore, if a marketing SM is open and read by the receiver that is also a potential customer them, it’s highly expected that he/she might well opt to invest in marketing message offered products or services.

So, this means that the brand or the company will definitely have a boost in sales because of made SMS marketing. Therefore, like all around the world companies and brand who wants to boost their revenues and eventually profits should utilize SMS marketing aggressively. These are just a few of the benefits, as there are lots of others making SMS marketing technique more influential.

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