Plots for Sale in Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme: Full Payment Plan

Everyone dreams of living a secure life with his family in a modern community where he could avail all the state-of-the-art facilities and luxuries. But it is too costly, and an average person cannot afford it. Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme is here to transform your dreams into reality. It brings a golden opportunity for the people who have average affordability. The housing society offers you a wide range of luxuries and facilities you could never imagine in such a low price.

Location of Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme

Shadman Enclave is situated on a Prime location. It is located on main Sharaqpur Road near the Faizpur Interchange. It is only 12 miles away from the Mall Road Lahore that is the center of the city. All main areas of Lahore are connected with Shadman Enclave via roads.

Why Investors Prefer Shadman Enclave?

The investors observe many factors while investing their money in Shadman Enclave. The priority factor is that it is a TMA Shiekhupura approved housing scheme. This housing scheme offers the cheapest rates of the plots. Moreover, it contains all of the modern facilities and luxuries you could never imagine in such a low price. Last but not least, it offers very convenient payment plans for people with average income. That’s why it is the first preference of investors.

Let’s have a view of salient features of Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme to know in-depth about it.

Basic Utilities

Shadman Enclave contains all of the basic utilities including Power, Water, and Sui gas supply. The underground supply systems for utilities give you a clutter-free environment. So, the atmosphere remains neat and clean. You experience a clean environment without cluttering of wires, damages, and power failure problems.

Furthermore, the power supply is ensured for 24/7 to get you rid of extra expenses for UPS, etc. Even more, the Water Filter Plant of the society supplies you clean and filtered water.

High Standard Education

No worries for the education of your kids. Shadman Enclave contains the best educational institutions for your kids and grown-up children. There are separate schools for boys and girls. The highly skilled and qualified teaching staff is more responsive to give a better future to your children.

High-Standard Security System

The presence of CCTV cameras is an integral part of society. The robust CCTV cameras have been fixed in all corners of society. These CCTV cameras cover the entire housing scheme to ensure your security. Besides, this walled and gated housing society saves you from the criminals. Not enough, the security wing of the society is well-trained and active to secure you from any bolt from the blue. The security guards are present here and there. So, you are safe whether you stay at home or move around in society.

Modern Hospital

Shadman Enclave has a high standard modern hospital where you can experience high-quality medical and surgical facilities. The best and up-to-the-mark medical facilities are provided to the people living here.

Green Parks

Green plantation and lush green parks dotted in the entire society recycles the polluted atmosphere and provides you with a healthy and fresh environment. The beautiful central park and sector parks in the community refresh you and give you the best usage of leisure time. All the parks have jogging and walking tracks, sitting areas surrounded by fresh plants, and play areas for kids.

Recreational Facilities

This housing society does not neglect the human needs for recreational facilities. It contains cinemas, restaurants, sports club, swimming pools, and many other recreational spots.

Broader Commercial Areas

The community comes with panoramic Main Boulevards in 100, 140 and 160 ft. The commercial areas are centrally located so that the residents from all sectors could access the shopping malls, markets, grocery stores, and retailer shops easily.

Panoramic Mosques

There are some sector mosques and a grand Jamia Mosque for the residents. The Jamia mosque comes with a stunning interior to reflect the Medieval Muslim culture along with the modern trends. It is spacious to cover large gatherings of the people on religious occasions like Juma and Eid prayers.

Community Center

Shadman Enclave also includes a big community center to facilitate the residents in various areas.

Shadman Enclave Precise View

So, we can say that Shadman Enclave contains all of the modern luxuries and facilities you could only dream of. However, the plots are low-priced, and you can afford them easily even in your low budget.

Payment Plan for Residential Plots

Recently, Shadman Enclave management has released the latest payment plans in March 2019. According to the most recent payment plans, there are 3.55 and 5 Marla residential plots you can get on easy installments. Initially, you will pay only 15% down payment. You have to pay the remaining amount according to the 3-year or 5-year payment plan. Here is the detail regarding the payment plan for residential plots.

5-Year Payment Plan

Shadman Enclave Booking contact

5-Year Payment Plan for Shadman Enclave

3-Year Payment Plan

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme 3-Year Payment Plan

Terms and Conditions

If you want to get a corner/park facing plot, or a plot on the main road, you need to pay 10% extra charges for it.

If you make the full payment in cash, you will get 10% discount on it.

6 Property Investment Tips that you must Consider

Making a property investment is a big deal. It demands a lot of considerations and precautions before deciding on any place. If you are an initiator investor then you need to be careful more even in the smallest matters. It is not as simple as some people think about it.

If you really want to gain profits and golden returns of your investment than you have to take every step very carefully. In order to make earn good profits and grow your property through investment than you need to check out the tips and ideas about the safe and beneficial property investment.

Proper Planning is needed 

It is the foremost thing to do after you have decided to invest. But the process of making a remarkable investment is not as easy as to make a decision about it. If you want things to go in a smooth way than don’t rush for things randomly. First, decide on which type of property you want to buy and where.

Investment is really a big deal and you need to be a very patient and cautious towards everything. Plan all the things including your range and your goals which you have behind the investment. The planned investment is always the good and beneficial one with the best outcomes.

Manage Your Budget

It is another important aspect to consider before making an investment. You need to set out all your budget that how much you want to spend for the future benefits. Remember the good investment will come to bring more golden benefits and opportunities for you in future. You need to be flexible while making a budget.

Try to set a maximum amount than the minimum. 30% to 50% should set aside more than your budget as a safe side especially in the case when you are an initiator in the world of investment. It is a common case that your budget goes higher than your estimations and anticipations. It is crucial to extend the budget according to the price of the property.

Much Investigation is Needed 

If you have planned to purchase a property for investment than be careful in all the matters. Making good investigations and research about the property you want to buy are crucial. The reliability and legal status is the most important thing to consider before anything else.

The other matters which are important to examine are the external factors including the development status of the property, its neighborhood,  connections and its future also. These factors could highly influence the property value. There are always risks in this matter and you need to be careful about everything. After making a proper investigation you can make a correct investment decision.

Check the Financial Status of Your Desired Property Asset 

It is important to get informed about the current and expected market status of the property when investing in a real estate. The existing trends, rate, development, value and approach, these are the most notable elements of any property. The information of these will help you to recognize the current market value and what it would bring in future to you.

Be updated all the time about the current news of the market in order to be a more effective and successful investor. It is a very good strategy for a good investment. One always want to invest for the golden returns and at a place whose value and demand is supposed to be increased in the coming time.

The Location Must be Ideal 

Among many other things, the location is a very prominent factor for a good investment. Of course, you should start from a good and ideal place for the remarkable investment. Research the property while keeping in mind that the location should be the prime, developed and easy to access.

This is not something to be compromised on. The location highly determines the worth, value and demand of any property either it is residential or commercial. A wise and smart investor will prefer to invest the best performing and strategical areas which tends to be in urban areas. The ideal location is the key to an ideal investment!

Find wholesalers and negotiate

Negotiations with the experienced investors and wholesalers are always advantageous and helping to make sound investments. The research to the trustable wholesalers will help to find a good investment place for you. Discussions and talks with the people who have already made top investments can also be proven a good idea.

It will set path and make you aware of so many things from which you may not aware. The connection with them and with the wholesalers are really the best thing to make a good deal. Also, ask for discounts from a wholesaler and never accept his first offer.


Property investment is the favorite way to invest beneficially and remarkably. It ensures the increase and security of your money as well as the financial future. It always gives a positive return to people but you need to be careful.

How properly and effectively you manage things play a great role in the process of making the best investments and dealings. You will be able to find out the financial goals through the careful steps you take in each and every matter during this process.

Why To Invest in SA Gardens Kala Shah Kaku Lahore?

SA Gardens is a place where you can find your own dream home in a very affordable price. The housing society is located on a prime location and provides you with a golden opportunity for investing your money for a high return. Here, I am going to explain salient features of SA Gardens Lahore to make you clear-headed about the advantages of investing here.

SA Gardens

Five Star Location

It is located on GT Road, only 1.5 km away from Kala Shah Kaku interchange. So, you are not far from the main locations of the city and motorway.

It is only 5 km far from Muridke city.

University of Engineering and Technology is operational here and only 3 km away from S A Garden.
GC University (Kala Shah Kaku Campus) is under construction.

University of Health & Sciences is operational and only a few minutes away from the society.

So, the five-star location of the community has increased its popularity among the investors who are concerned about high profit.

Affordable Price

SA Gardens is not an ordinary place where you can build your home. It is a complete city within the cosmopolitan city of Punjab. The society offers various sectors where you can buy plot in numerous sizes. The prices are considerably lower and not a burden on your pocket. Even a person with lower income can also afford his home in SA Gardens.

Luxurious Architecture

If you are planning to buy a home in this society, it is a wise decision in future perspective. You will admire the luxurious architecture and the inspiring color schemes with the best interior. The housing society comes with a scheme “S A Garden Homes” where you can get a 5 Marla home. The entire home is ventilated and bright. The fresh atmosphere of the home and the pleasant view of a small garden on front side help keep you fresh always.

Basic Infrastructure

The basic infrastructure is well-constructed. The uninterrupted power supply system, Sui gas and water supply system is ensured. The water purification plant has been set up by the management and the inhabitants enjoy purified water for a greater health. The utilities supply systems are underground and thus, the surrounding is uncluttered and neat.

Wide Road Network

The roads network is wide and fully developed. No corner of this phase is without a developed road. You can access every corner of Phase I easily. The roads have footpaths for pedestrians. The streets have a proper lighting system. No corner of the society is dark.


There are numerous sector mosques and a grand Jamia mosque in the society. The mosque is centrally located in every sector and it is located at equal distance from every home. So, you are only 2 minutes away from the mosque. There is no hurdle in your way to perform your religious obligations.


There are several parks in every sector. These green parks are well-maintained regularly to keep the surrounding green and pleasant. A variety of plants and trees have been added to every park for soothing your eyes and mind. The parks have playground, walkways and sitting places with beautiful landscapes around you.


Education is not an enigma while you are living here. The Educators’ school system is already functional here.

However, the plans for various other schools are under consideration to provide your children a quality education.


The society has its own hospitals and medical units on different places. A Government hospital is also near to the society. So, you can easily access it too in an emergency situation.


It is a gated community and the blocks within the society are again gated and walled. So, the management ensures the foolproof security of the inhabitants. The security staff is active and high-alert 24/7 to protect you from minor and major unpleasant situations.

Commercial Area

Every sector has a commercial area where the shops with all kinds of grocery, fruits, vegetables and other household items are available. A grand shopping mall is a part of the main commercial area. So, the commercial area is not far from your home and it is perfect for shopping as well as for investment purpose.


Since the society is located on the main GT Road, you never face difficulty to get a transport for going any corner of the city. The transportation is easily available 24 hours.

Sports Complex

A panoramic Sports Complex is situated in the society. For the professional sportsmen and for the recreational ones, it is, in fact, a blessing in disguise. You will find here the squash court, badminton courts, snooker and Billiard areas, basketball court and many other sports of your taste.

So guys! In the presence of the above-discussed facilities and features, S A Gardens is a right place for investing your money.

Master City Gujranwala Pre-Launching Overseas Block Phase 2

Master City Gujranwala Housing Society

Master City Gujranwala Location backs its progress while settling down next to upper Chenab canal. As per Location map, The housing society address is the central area of Gujranwala and project site is easily accessible from any corner of the city. Overpassing the inland waterway, the upper Chenab canal bridge link societies main boulevard to the Peoples and Bahar colony. Nearby Master City Gujranwala housing project, the wide road of Sialkot bypass travels alongside the Upper Chenab canal and meets eminabad and grand trunk road from one end. The upper Chenab canal separates the project land from the bustling city traffic so location guarantees serene and spacious environment. As Master Group developer reshapes the green and fertile land, the abundantly healthy oxygen provide great green lungs to the residents. On the other side, Flowing water of the upper Chenab canal adding up to the natural beauty of the housing scheme area.

Catering to an utmost lifestyle, Master city Sialkot bypass facilitate with underground electricity system, Parks, High Standard Schools and Hospital, Mosques, Modern sewerage system and high security. As a sparkling feature, Master City Gujranwala master plan presents theme park, laser light shows, ship-shaped restaurant, golf course and modern park for kids. Increasing to luxury and entertainment includes Royal Marquees, Cycling Park, Grid Station, Public Libraries, Single & Double Helix Roller Coaster, Outdoor Skydiving and water boat adventure into the project plan. Master City Gujranwala Commercial activity plan also admirable as they arrange big community center accompanying an organized Gold Souk.

Master City Overseas block ceremony

Discussing Master City Gujranwala payment plan for overseas block, it offers 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 1Kanal and 2 Kanal luxury plots at convening rates. Consisting of Eight Blocks, The project has recently added new block under the title “Master City Gujranwala Overseas Block” motivating overseas investors whose pre-launching ceremony held today on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Above all, the existing offer of 5 marla plot at price of 1,300,000 PKR is attracting the real estate buyer. Additionally, the payment plans depend on Eight Quarterly installments and 25% down payment. So, Contact a legal and authorized agent of Master City Gujranwala through the number

0092 336 0419999.